loathsome is a micro-label dedicated to pushing new underground music. we love metal, thrash, grindcore, doom, noise, midi-core, anything that destroys buildings or makes your ears bleed.

Retrograde - Demo


"Here is a free download of the 5 RETROGRADE demo tracks I have composed with my friend Adam Hayward on vox (from CPR & Fracture). Unfortunately I have no time for music composing and keeping working on this at the moment and this music project has been on hold for ages so I thought I’d put the demos out there for people to have if they want to. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into music soon. Owen Packard from earthtone9 once described our style as “Blade Runner meets Neurosis” .. I could have never thought of a better description to my music! I also included a 1920 × 1200 wallpaper of the artwork in the download. RETROGRADE – 5 Tracks are: Potential, Transcend, Hologram, Initial and The Funeral Party (cover of The Cure). " – Sam Hayles


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